Dehydrated pork rinds flour

Dehydrated pork rinds flour

Ingredients: Pork rind fried and salt.

This product does not contain Generically Modified Organisms

This product does not contain Gluten.

This product may contain traces of lactose and soy.

Format: Sack

Weight/Unit: 20 and 25 kg.

Uni/Box: 1

Box/Pallet: 40

Shelf life: 18 months

• Excellent ability to retain and connect water (6-8 times its own weight).
• It has a high content of Protein, so it improves the protein content of the final product.
• Transport, stock and conservation at room temperature.
• Improves Cost-Benefit Performance.
• Low microbiological load; low aw; innocuous product if it does not acquire humidity.
• Absence of foreign bodies.
• 100% natural product derived from pigskin.

• Can be used in meat emulsions (sausages, mortadella, etc.).
• Raw products with thicker meat appearance (hamburgers, meatballs, etc.).
• Cured products.

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